April 2020 Newsletter

Konnichiwa Sporraddicts!

It’s been a while since our last newsletter and we wanted to let you know that Sporra is not only alive and well at our new domain, sporra.cc, but we’ve also been busy adding many new features and enhancements to the service. Many of us have some idle time on our hands these days, so if it’s been a while check in at Sporra and see where you stack up on the Leaderboard.

Stay Safe! First and foremost, be sure to keep yourself healthy. The spread of covid-19 is a danger to everyone so be sure to do your part. Follow your local guidelines regarding self-quarantine. If you’re not trapped indoors avoid cycling in large groups and maintain safe distances from each other if you are riding together. The sooner we stop the spread of covid-19 the sooner we can all get back on the road! We’re working hard to get some challenges for trainers and virtual rides!

New Challenges Check out our new expanded regular challenges for April – we now have 55 regular challenges each month! Challenges for Ride Frequency, Time and Calories burned will help keep you atop the Sporra leaderboard no matter where or how you ride.

Updated Look and Feel We’re introducing a new look and feel to Sporra to make everything more fun and easy to use. If you haven’t visited in a while you’ll immediately notice the new landing page design. We’ll be steadily updating different pages, so please tell us what you think of the new design and let us know if you have any trouble accessing your frequently-used features.

New Features You asked and we delivered! Activity Auto-import is now functioning. As the name would suggest, syncing your activity history is now automatic! When you log in your activity history will begin syncing with Strava, and you can check out the status by clicking on the notification/bell icon in the top right corner of the screen. We are working on being able to sync newer activities as well! Battles now give you a fun way to stay motivated with a little friendly competition. Put your hard-earned points to work and challenge your followers in a winner-take-all cycling duel!

Chain Cleaning If you haven’t logged in for a while you might notice that we are now asking our users for an email address. To enable Sporra to provide you with adequate customer support and to address any potential issues related to your account, we do need at least one method to contact you. We ask for your understanding and thank you in advance for your cooperation in this regard.

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The Sporra Team