May 2020 Newsletter

Konnichiwa Sporraddicts!

If you are not legally confined to your residence, cycling and in general spending some time outside are some of the safest activities you can do right now. A lot of people taking the approach, so much so that’s it is straining municipal parks and recreation services to the brink as we discussed on the Sporra blog.

Anyway, that’s enough virus stuff. On to the updates!

May Mayhem Campaign Sporra’s mission is to give you that extra bit of motivation to get out on the bike and explore. In pursuit of that goal we’re launching a special campaign in May. If the Sporra community collectively rides 10,000km of Route Challenges in May a new Challenge Route will be unlocked and you can 3X points if you ride it within the next 3 months.

But wait there’s more! Everyone who applies an activity against a Route Challenge in May has a chance to win a 10,000 yen Wiggle gift voucher. The more kilometers you apply the better your chances of winning.

Further contest details will be outlined in the official campaign announcement so stay tuned.

Route Challenges We vastly expanded the number of route challenges, and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future. At the moment most of these routes are concentrated in Japan, but we will be rolling out challenge routes elsewhere in the near future. Check the route challenges regularly for updates, and of course we’ll keep you updated via this newsletter.

New Splash and Dash As part of the Sporra design overhaul you will find a brand new landing page and, once logged in, a shiny new dash that puts all of the most important information where you need it. Give it a try and tell us what you think about the new look and feel.

Enhanced Blog Also part of the Sporra re-design, the Sporra Blog has been completely re-imagined to be not only easier to look at, but also easier to navigate and find information relevant to you. Give it a read for Sporra-related stuff plus our random thoughts and musings on cycling in general.

Chain Cleaning Sporra “Points” will soon become Sporra “Cogs.” Fear not! This is merely a name change and you will not lose any of the Points you have earned to date. We just thought “Cogs” sounded cooler because “Points” is boring and we wanted a clever cycling hook. Soon you’ll be earning and…swapping Cogs in your Sporra Battles!

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Sporra. What motivates you?

The Sporra Team


5月ルートキャンペーン Sporraのミッションは自転車に乗って世界を探索するモチベーションを与えることです。そのため、5月中に特別キャンペーンを開始します。Sporraコミュニティが5月に10,000 kmのルートチャレンジに登録と、6月に新しいチャレンジがリリースされます。今後3か月以内に乗れば、3倍のポイントを獲得できます。



ルートチャレンジ ルートチャレンジを大幅に追加しました。引き続き、ルートチャレンジを増やしていきますので、新しいダッシュボードチャレンジマップでチェックしてください!

新しいダッシュボード Sporraにログインするともっと便利なマイページが表示されます。近くのルートチャンレジを見つけるのが簡単になります!ぜひお試しいただき、感想をお聞かせください!

強化されたブログ Sporraブログも完全に再考されました。今、あなたに関連する情報を見つけることははるかに簡単です。時間があればお読みください。Sporraのニュースに加えて、サイクリング全般に関するランダムな考え方について読めます。

チェーンクリーニング Sporra 「ポイント」を改名することにしました。近いうちに現行のポイントがSporra 「コグ」(歯車)になります。1対1ですので、数が変わりません。獲得したポイントを失われません。ぜひ、たくさんの「コグ」を稼いでください!

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Sporra. What motivates you?