Sporra May Mayhem Campaign



1. Strava認証してログインする。Stravaのアクティビティが同期されます。
2. 一部でもいいので走ったことがあるルートチャレンジを見つけます(ホームページに位置情報を有効にすると、近くのルートも表示されます)
3. そのルートに走ったアクティビティを適用する






Sporra’s mission is to give you that extra bit of motivation to get out on the bike and explore. In pursuit of that goal, and because May has the best weather in Tokyo, we’re launching a special campaign in May. If the Sporra community collectively applies 10,000km of Route Challenges in May a new Challenge Route will be unlocked and you can 3X points if you ride it within the next 3 months.

But wait there’s more! If the community reaches the 10,000km goal, everyone who applied an activity against a Route Challenge in May also gets a chance to win a 10,000 yen Wiggle gift voucher. The more kilometers you apply the better your chances of winning.

Participating is easy.
1. Login to sporra.cc and sync your Strava account to import your activities
2. Find any Route Challenge and select an activity to apply to it
3. Any distance you covered along that route challenge will be counted towards the 10,000km community goal

The cumulative Route Challenge distance you apply in May relative to other contest participants will determine your chances of winning the Wiggle Voucher. For example, if a total of 10,000km are applied by the Sporra community and of those you account for 1,000km, then your chances of winning are 10%, or 1 in 10. If a total of 20,000km are applied by the Sporra community and of those you account for the same 1,000km, then your chances of winning are 5%, or 1 in 20.

The community goal achievement will be announced no later than June 5, 11:59pm JST (GMT +9) on the Sporra Blog. The contest winner will be notified no later than June 10, 11:59pm JST (GMT +9). Note that should the Sporra community fail to achieve the 10,000km goal the Wiggle gift voucher giveaway will also be negated.

The winner will be notified via the email address registered on sporra.cc, so make sure it’s up to date. The winner’s Sporra username will also be announced on the Sporra Blog. The contest winner must reply to the winning notification from the same Sporra registered email address within 60 days to claim the voucher. Should they fail to respond within 60 days the 10,000 yen will be donated to a charitable cause at Sporra’s discretion.

The gift voucher will be delivered electronically to the email address specified by the contest winner in writing. Mail server delivery confirmation will serve as proof of delivery.

Should the contest winner choose to forgo the 10,000 yen Wiggle voucher, they may donate the equivalent amount to a charity of their choosing.

Any activities that you apply towards any route challenge from May 1 until May 31 11:59pm JST (GMT +9) will qualify. Note that the activity does not have to have been performed within this time period to count. The activity could have been performed at any time in the past, but it must by applied to a specific Route Challenge during the May time period.

The campaign is open to participants the world over. Note, however, that most route challenges are currently located in Japan.

The Sporra May Mayhem Campaign is in no way sponsored or endorsed by, or affiliated with Wiggle Ltd. or any of its subsidiaries.